Move over Punxsutawney Phil — see how armadillo Bee Cave Bob’s predictions measure up against Fort Worth’s recorded weather for the last five years.
The federal and state governments have granted approval to build a connection between the power grids through the Southern Spirit Transmission project.
Texas temperatures are known to be extreme — from frigid winters to holidays in shorts, we’re breaking down some of the record-breaking winters we’ve experienced in North Texas.
We’re getting closer to the end of the year, and thanks to the winter outlook from the Climate Prediction Center, we have an even better idea of what winter weather will be like in Fort Worth this season.
Don’t pack away your shorts yet. It’s looking like a warm fall.
Help conserve water and lower your bills with a rainwater collection system in your backyard.
On these hot summer days in Texas, having electricity to stay cool is top of mind. Here are seven tips on how to save energy this season.
Beat the heat with these frozen treats on the longest day of the year.
Good news for Fort Worth.
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