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Test your knowledge with our February 2024 news quiz

See how thoroughly you’ve been reading our newsletter with a 10-question news quiz about Fort Worth’s biggest headlines in February.


It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Graphic by FTWtoday

The weather is warming up and so is the news cycle, we’re looking back on the biggest headlines of the month. See how well you kept up with Fort Worth’s news February by taking a quick news quiz.

If you are an avid FTWtoday reader and...

  • Keep a close eye on foodie forays
  • Will watch whatever sport is in season
  • Have a head for numbers

…then we’re betting our little test will be a piece of cake.
Show off your skills by clicking the link below — we’ll give high-scorers a shoutout in an upcoming newsletter.

Time for a brain teaser.

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