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Sweltering: When will it hit 100 degrees?

On average, the thermometer hits triple digits on July 1, but there are some wide variations to take into account.


This is going to be a very welcome sight by late June.

Photo courtesy of the City of Fort Worth

From 1899 to 2023, the average date of the first 100° day in the DFW metroplex was July 1.

The earliest occurrence of triple digits was over a century ago, on March 9, 1911. Forty years after that, we had the latest occurrence, when the thermometer hit 100° on October 3, 1951.

While it can seem that everyone locally has a “_____ summer was the worst” story, empirically one year stood above the rest. 2011 saw 71 days at or over100°.

Last summer was a hot one. DFW saw 50+ days at or over 100°, including 21 consecutive days. We had a relatively late occurrence of our final 100° day in 2023: September 24.

The bad news: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there is a one in three chance summer 2024 is hotter than summer 2023.

We hit 100° for the first time on June 25. If that holds, you have 49 days remaining in the double digits. Get out and enjoy them.

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