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All Aboard: Trinity Metro unveils new TEXRail fleet names

Commute in style — take a ride on one of the newly named TEXRail trains.


Trade in your bumper-to-bumper commute for a comfy ride on TEXRail.

In January, Trinity Metro launched a contest to help name seven of the trains in its TEXRail fleet in honor of the commuter service’s fifth anniversary.

The commuters didn’t disappoint, submitting over 1,000 suggestions. In addition to the already named Spike train, meet the new trains, each featuring a signature logo:

  • Maverick sports a spur.
  • Miles clocks distance with an odometer.
  • Vaquero dons a cowboy hat.
  • Ranger is emblazoned with a star-shaped badge.
  • Panther is printed with a paw.
  • Bluebonnet sprouts the state flower.
  • Zippy speeds along with a double-arrow logo.

Some of our favorite suggestions that didn’t make the cut are:

  • Meghan Trainor
  • Purple Panther Prowler
  • Howdy Express
  • Funkytown Fred
  • No Train, No Gain

Ready to ride? Hop aboard TEXRail to spend a day in downtown Grapevine or grab a flight from DFW Airport.