12 days of Fort Worth

It’s Christmas in Cowtown — celebrate with these 12 local business round ups and fun facts.

Photo of a Christmas tree down the street

The Sundance Square Christmas tree can be seen from blocks away.

Photo by @FTWtoday

It’s the time of year when radio stations are playing endless rounds of carols. We thought we’d contribute to the ever-growing canon of holiday tunes with our own semi-original song, featuring our favorite topic — yup, you guessed it — Fort Worth.

Now don’t get your stockings in a twist — this isn’t even close to an exhaustive list. We could fill 100 verses with things we love about Fort Worth, but to preserve your time — and all of our sanity — we’ll just stick to one. So, here you have it: FTWtoday’s 12 Days of Fort Worth.


Sing your way through the holiday season with this local carol.

Graphics by FTWtoday

On the 12th day of Christmas, Cowtown sent to me... 🎶

Twelve brisket places
Not just a summertime favorite, warm up with a smoked brisket from a local barbecue joint.

Eleven spots for tea time
Trade your peppermint mocha for a spiced chai tea and relax from the seasonal stress.

Ten local food trucks
Fuel up at one of these mobile restaurants during your holiday shopping.

Nine sister cities
Ready for an end-of-the-year getaway? We suggest Budapest.

Eight honky-tonk bars
Who isn’t looking for love this season? Maybe you’ll meet your match on the dance floor.

Seven cooking classes
So your family doesn’t suggest you bring the napkins anymore.

Six chocolate shops
Indulge in a sweet treat made right here in Funkytown.

Five city tours
Friends coming to town? Introduce them to Cowtown with a fun, informational tour.

Four billionaires
How about $10s and $20s? These folks don’t have to ask for cash this year.

Three colleges
Between TCU, Texas Wesleyan, and Tarrant County College, there are students around every corner. Pro tip: College campuses are great spots for seasonal family photos.

Two cattle drives
A local highlight regardless of the season — head to the Stockyards for this twice-daily tradition.

And a sleeping panther in downtown
Ready to curl up for a nap? So is this insult-turned-icon statue in front of the Tarrant County Administration Building.

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