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Fort Worth isn’t an only child. Did you know that Cowtown actually has nine sister cities? Today we’re giving you a tour of FTW’s siblings abroad, from the comfort of your screen.

So, what exactly is a sister city?

Also known as twin cities or friendship cities, a sister city relationship is when two different places make an agreement to promote lasting cultural ties. The idea is to form a fellowship that encourages trade, tourism, and even cultural exchanges + projects.

It’s worth noting that we take our sister city status seriously in FTW. In fact, in 2021 Fort Worth won the International Innovation in Youth & Education Award for cities with populations greater than 300,000 + was recognized for its outstanding work in promoting peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation.

Pack your virtual passport

🇮🇩 Bandung, Indonesia | Est. 1810 | Est. population: 2,444,160

🇭🇺 Budapest, Hungary | Est. 1873 | Est. population: 1,752,286

🇨🇳 Guiyang, China | Est. 1413 | Est. population: 5,987,018

🇸🇿 Mbabane, Eswatini | Est. 1902 | Est. population: 94,874

🇯🇵 Nagaoka, Japan | Est. 1616 | Est. population: 266,539

🇫🇷 Nîmes, France | Ancient city founded ~600 BC | Est. population: 148,561

🇮🇹 Reggio Emilia, Italy | Contemporary city est. 1861 | Est. population: 171,944

🇲🇽 Toluca, Mexico | Est. 1812 | Est. population: 910,608

🇩🇪 Trier, Germany | Ancient city founded ~16 BC | Est. population: 110, 674

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