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Center for Transforming Lives’ next steps toward expansion

The organization is continuing its legacy with a new headquarters that will expand their services and reach within the community.

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“When women do not receive this support, the reality can be generations of children who never reach their potential,” CEO Carol Klocek said.

Photo courtesy of Center for Transforming Lives

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As one of the longest-serving poverty reduction agencies in Fort Worth, Center for Transforming Lives (CTL) is deeply rooted in our community.

For 115 years, the organization has used a two-generation approach working with both women and children in Fort Worth and Tarrant County to help break the cycle of poverty and set them up for success. By providing housing, early childhood education, economic mobility, and trauma-informed counseling services that work across generations, parents and children are able to establish security and well-being as a family.

“Our services are designed to remove any barriers to success for women with young children who are experiencing poverty,” said CEO Carol Klocek. “This includes financial, social, and emotional success, as well as success in the relationship mothers have with their children.”

CTL’s impact by the numbers

The organization is continuously working to expand its footprint + impact in the community. Here’s a look at how CTL helped Tarrant County families from 2021-2022:

  • 690 individuals who are sheltered with CTL’s Housing Services program
  • 85% of participants remain stably housed after working with CTL
  • 94% of children who attended the center’s programs were ready for school
  • 93% of children and adults reported reduced trauma symptoms
  • $2,445 increase in annual savings for participants
  • 1,600 hours of therapy provided to ~200 families through the Clinical Counseling program
  • $9.7 million allocated to their Early Childhood Education program in 2021-22

Changing the landscape

CTL’s next project? A new headquarters. Riverside Campus, situated in southeast Fort Worth, is set to open in November 2024, and will double the nonprofit’s service capacity.

Renderings of the new CTL campus

GIF by FTWtoday; Renderings courtesy of Bennett Partners

Situated on approximately 14 acres, the new campus will allow children, parents, clients + staff to enjoy the outdoors and reap mental and physical health benefits.

Bonus: The landscape is uniquely designed to allow teachers to deliver lessons outdoors, further encouraging children to connect with nature, utilize all five senses + improve physical fitness.

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