Netflix’s Love is Blind Season 3 is a Fort Worth-Dallas takeover

The reality series premiered on Oct. 19 with episodes to follow each Wednesday through Nov. 9.


Love is Blind on Netflix

Photo screenshot from Netlix’s “Love is Blind” Season 3

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The third season of Netflix’s reality hit show/social experimentLove is Blind” is back, and this time, it’s a DFW takeover. We couldn’t help but notice the Dallas skyline used as b-roll in-between clips, so we’re doing a deep dive into this season’s local cast.

If you’re not familiar with the show, here’s how the show works: 30 participants date in “pods” where they can only talk to each other through speakers — meaning they never get to see what the other person looks like.

After a reasonable amount of time — 10 days or so — the couples who think they found a potential match will get engaged and see each other for the first time. The couples will then be whisked off to their honeymoons before returning to DFW and back to their normal lives. After 30 days, those who found true love will be put to the ultimate test — marriage. Here’s a look at the couples who made it past the pods.

Meet the couples

If you’re hoping to catch the cast out on the town, you’re out of luck. According to Variety, Season 3 was filmed immediately after Season 2 wrapped in the summer of 2021.

And in case you’re wondering — because we certainly were — the success rate of the show is just under 7% with a 50% divorce rate.

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