Where to play pickleball in Fort Worth

Check out our guide to Fort Worth’s indoor and outdoor pickleball courts.

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Pickleball is one of the hottest new crazes in North Texas — even attracting the 2023 Pickleball National Championship to Farmers Branch later this year.

The sport shares similarities with tennis, table tennis, and badminton (as well as other paddle ball sports). It has official rules, regulations, and even its own organization — USA Pickleball Association.

What to know

  • The court is badminton-sized (20 ft x 44 ft) with a modified tennis net.
  • The pickleball itself is made of plastic and has holes.
  • The paddle is a little smaller than a tennis racquet.
  • It can be played as doubles or singles.

Here are some places to play pickleball around Fort Worth.

Outdoor courts

Indoor courts

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