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A Memorial Day letter from our readers

We’re taking a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made by fallen members of our military this Memorial Day.

FTW-Memorial Day service

Memorial Day service held in 1951 in Rose Hill Cemetery for Major Horace Carswell. | Image courtesy of Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, UTA Libraries

Today is Memorial Day — a solemn day of remembrance to honor and commemorate those who died serving our country.

We’re taking a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made by fallen military members, with stories told by our readers.

Wendell Morris
“He started out in the Army Air Corps before there was an Air Force. He was later transferred to the Air Force where he served for 24 years. He was a mechanic and helped keep our birds flying.”

Gary Morgan Johnson | Dallas, Texas | KIA Vietnam 1969
“My best pal — also my college roommate and fraternity brother — and I were both serving our country in 1969. I remember the radio call that night of February 5, 1969, that the Dustoff 13 helicopter (the Red Baron) was down. They were called out on a night hoist, a most dangerous mission, to rescue an injured pilot deep in the jungle. Twice driven off by enemy ground fire, they returned for a third time, and, during the hoist attempt were struck by an RPG missile and the helicopter exploded, killing the crew.

They were all awarded the Silver Star posthumously. It would have been their last mission before returning home to the USA. I live with that memory most days and I visit his resting place in Dallas every Memorial Day as I have for the past 50+ years.”

FTW-Memorial Day

Wil McAllister is buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. | Photo courtesy of the 451st Bomb Group.

Wilfred McAllister
“1st Lt. Wilfred McAllister died serving in WWII when his plane the ‘Cravin Raven’ went down over Ploesti, Romania, and other members of the 727th squadron who were lost in the European Theater.”

Charles Baker
“He spent 22 years in the Navy. He was a Corpsman. He served with Marines in Vietnam where he was exposed to Agent Orange. He died from complications of Agent Orange exposure.”

Don Hollingsworth
“I knew Don from Tremble Tech High School, Fort Worth, Texas in 1966. He was a coaching assistant. He was a friendly skinny bright-eyed boy. Before I knew it, he joined the Marine Corps where he died in combat. I will always remember him and he will be forever young in my memories.”

Joe Charles Walker
“He was killed in action in the Korean War. He was 17 years old.”

Lt. Col Francis McMullen
“WWII, Korea, Vietnam, BA, 2 MA degrees, and Ph.D. Navigator during Vietnam Part of the A-26 Air Commando Squadron. The “Nimrods” started out as E-0 and retried O-5.”

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