The little engine that could: Forest Park Miniature Train memories from our readers

The beloved Forest Park Miniature Train is a childhood favorite for a lot of Fort Worthians. We want to hear what special memories the train holds for you and your family.


Forest Park Rides Inc. has been a Fort Worth staple since 1958. | Photo courtesy of Forest Park Miniature Railroad

The Forest Park Miniature Train is a source of fond memories for a lot of locals and aims to reopen by the end of summer.

The small green and yellow locomotive has run a five-mile loop through Forest Park + Trinity Park since the late 1950s but sadly shut down in March 2022 due to mechanical issues and the train operator’s health.

Once known as the longest miniature train in the world, the owner is working hard to upgrade the coaches, axle bearings, braking pads, and railroad crossties, to bring this childhood favorite back to life.

We’re thrilled to hop aboard the train again + and we want to hear what special memories you have on board the locomotive.

Earlier this month, we asked our readers to share their favorite stories and pictures with us for a chance to be featured in an upcoming newsletter. Here’s what Fort Worthians had to say about the locomotive:

“I’m so thrilled to hear the train is reopening. I don’t have any pictures but I started riding that little train over 55 years ago. I remember stopping for a treat at the little snack stand with my grandmother back in the mid-1960 then going back in the 80’s with my Brice and nephew before taking my daughter in the 1990s and 2000. What a joy to so many kids.” — Sarah Gilmore

“We’d love to take our toddler son on this for his birthday in September! I’ve never been on it but he loves trains right now.“ — @michalthegirl

“Rode the train my whole childhood with my grandparents. Loved it. We always got to stop for a treat at the concession stand. Please bring it back. My kids loved it too.” — @borgster1

“Dad took us there in 83 for the 1st time...hopefully it will open by September when I visit and take my youngest daughter...great memories” — @chuco_olivas

“I rode it as a child, took my sons when they were young (now 55, 51, 50); and their children have been on it several times (now 19,19, 18). As their Gamma, we had a tradition to buy a ring pop before we got on the train. I have several pics of 2 of them with this treat riding and enjoying it so much. I wish I could post the pic but don’t see how to upload it. I have a new grandson age 6 and would love to do the ring pop/ train tradition with him.” — @wilhelmpl

“I rode it all the time as a kid, my kids grew up riding it and up until it closed, I took my grandkids often to ride. A true FTW gem!” — @kaylyn_springfield_cutchen

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