Why Hallmark should make a holiday movie in Fort Worth

Take our survey to help us craft the perfect Hallmark movie based in Fort Worth.


The magic of the holidays in Cowtown.

Photo by @dkwann

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No matter how cheesy the films can be, watching a Hallmark movie (or a marathon, for that matter) is a staple during the holidays. From gift-wrapped romances to wholesome stories, the films hold a cozy spot in many folks’ hearts.

We may be biased, but we think Fort Worth is the perfect backdrop for the next Hallmark Christmas movie. Here are just a few of our favorite features that make it special:

  • A massive tree with thousands of dazzling lights in the city’s center
  • An outdoor ice skating rink that’s situated in the heart of the Stockyards
  • Cozy fireplaces inside and outside the festively decorated Hotel Drover
  • A Cowboy Santa with his own live reindeer

🎬 Craft the perfect Hallmark movie

It’s got us thinking, what would a Hallmark movie based in Cowtown look like?

Panther City goes all out for the season, from over-the-top light displays to festive ice rinks and cut-your-own Christmas tree farms around town — Fort Worth feels like the perfect backdrop for a Hallmark movie.

Let’s have a little holiday fun, shall we? With your help, let’s map out a Hallmark film in Fort Worth. We want to hear your title recommendations, location ideas, plot points, and even which actors you think would be the perfect fit for our film.

Take our survey and we’ll follow up with Cowtown’s own Hallmark movie details in an upcoming newsletter.

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