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13 things to do in Fort Worth on Friday the 13th

Welcome to Spooksville, USA — dare to be scared with these haunted and unlucky local goings-on.


How could this little cutie be unlucky?

Photo by the City of Fort Worth

Feeling superstitious? We’ve rounded up a checklist of local activities on Friday the 13th (commonly known as the most unlucky day of the year). Do one or all of them — just don’t attempt them under a ladder.

Adopt a black cat.

Did you know that black cats are the least likely to be adopted? You can do your part to fix that stat by stopping by a Fort Worth Animal Care & Control adoption center and making a new furr-ever friend.

Find a good luck charm.

Might we suggest stopping by Enchanted Forest Metaphysical Shoppe or Earthly Relics to peruse the collection of pendants and crystals?

Get a baker’s dozen.

Make the most out of an unlucky day by treating yourself (and the office) to a baker’s dozen donuts from FunkyTown Donuts and Drafts or 13 gluten-free cupcakes from Unrefined Bakery.


You might need more than 13 with these scrumptious fall flavors.

Skip the 13th floor.

Yes, it’s a thing in Cowtown. There are several hotels around town that abstain from having a cursed floor, including the Sandman Signature Fort Worth Downtown Hotel.

Take part in a superstition.

Cowboys and rodeo athletes are superstitious folks — especially when it comes to their hats. Check out the no-no’s of cowboy hat etiquette.

Hide from little monsters.

Drop your little ghosts and goblins off for Parents Night Out at Premier Martial Arts in Arlington. The kids get dinner, games, and a costume contest — and you get a child-free evening.

Cheers to an unlucky day.

Brave the Black Lagoon at Nickel City’s spooky pop-up with Halloween-themed drinks.

Get a flash tattoo.

Commemorate this day forever. We heard that Lucky Horse Tattoos is having a special deal on $13 1-inch tats and $20 titanium piercings starting at 2 p.m. today.

Go on a haunted tour.

Grab your flashlight and try out these three haunted Cowtown tours.

Look for a four-leaf clover.

Make your own luck by hunting down a shamrock in one of these 20+ Fort Worth parks.

Get your cards read.

We see a psychic in your future. If you’re into that sort of thing, check out My Aura Clinic for a tarot, palm, or verbal aura reading.

See a spooky movie.

Catch a frightening double-feature date night at Downtown Cowtown at the Isis with a showing of “Friday the 13th Part I” and “Friday the 13th Part II.”

Just stay home.

We’re not saying you’ll run into harm if you venture outside the house on this unlucky day, but if you’d rather be safe than sorry, we recommend reading up on the Cowtown’s legends in Haunted Fort Worth.

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