The coldest and warmest winters on record in Fort Worth

Texas temperatures are known to be extreme — from frigid winters to holidays in shorts, we’re breaking down some of the record-breaking winters we’ve experienced in North Texas.


We’re hoping for a mild winter this year.

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We’re holding our breath for a mild winter in Fort Worth, especially after we’ve seen snow and ice wreak havoc on the metroplex in years past. Here’s a look back at some of the coldest and warmest North Texas winters.

❄️ The coldest of days

In February 2021, severe cold stretched across the state and all 254 Texas counties were under a winter storm warning. DFW spent nearly six days below freezing with rolling power outages, burst pipes, and record energy consumption.

The coldest temperature recorded that year was -2°, which was the second-coldest temperature ever recorded in North Texas. The coldest was -8° back on February 12, 1899.

Despite the blistering cold just two years ago, the winter of 1983 was the longest stretch of below-freezing temperatures. That December, there were 12 days with temperatures below 32°, and White Rock Lake in Dallas froze solid so people could walk across it.

FTW-White Rock Lake winter freeze

In December 1983, White Rock Lake froze with ice thick enough that a person could walk across the entire lake. | Photo by UTA Libraries

☀️ The warmest of days

At the start of 2023, North Texas experienced one of the warmest winters in history. On January 11, North Texas hit 85°, marking the fifth-warmest January day on record. The warmest day for DFW was set in January of 1911 when temps reached 93°.

Other noteworthy winters include 2008 when DFW woke up to a dusting of snow on December 16, and only 10 days later, the temperatures reached a balmy 83°.

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