Father’s Day gift guide for Fort Worth, TX

Photo of dad holding chair with kids following him.

We all know the best present is something we can do together. | Photo provided by Trippy Outdoor

Grant Daniels Photography/Grant Daniels Photography

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Father’s Day is Sun., June 19, and no matter who “Dad” is to you, they all deserve a little extra love.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve pulled great gifts and experiences for dads in Fort Worth. Our guide with 12 local Father’s Day gift ideas showcases your suggestions + where you can find them around Cowtown. ❤️

Photo of people riding bikes under trees.

Don’t have a bike? No problem — FWBS has bikes for the whole family so we can celebrate Dad together. | Photo provided

For the “it’s just a couple miles” Dad

Know a dad who loves their daily workout? Whether the activity of choice is hitting the gym, taking a walk, or hiking around the area, help dad switch it up with a laughably competitive game of pickleball at Courtside Kitchen or a riverside bike ride with Fort Worth Bike Sharing.

Photo of a picnic basket

It’s a for you, for me gift. | Photo by @bbbutchers

For the grillmaster Dad

If your Dad spends the weekends cleaning the grill and wearing a “Kiss the Cook” apron, gift them a grilling package or a burger box from B&B Butchers. Or let someone else do the cooking this time and head over to Il Modo for a specialty 22-ounce ribeye and Tuscan potatoes. Reserve your table now.

Photo of comedians on stage.

So we can groan at someone else’s lame jokes. | Photo by @fourdayweekendcomedy

For the “what are we doing tonight” Dad

Take your dad joke-loving father out to Four Day Weekend for a comedy show on Friday or Saturday. Spend your evening commemorating Juneteenth at Tulips FTW with a fish fry and live podcast recording.

Photo of a dad and a kid sitting in chairs.

The modular chairs are manufactured right here in town but can go anywhere you do. | Photo provided

For the vacation-mode Dad

OK, maybe you just want to lounge around with Dad. Take relaxation with you wherever you go with a Trippy Outdoor chair. Bonus: Get $30 off a Dreamer chair for Dad now until Father’s Day + pair it with (in our opinion, the cutest) Lil Trip chair for a father-kiddo adventure.

Photo of pies.

Probably best just to get Dad their own pie. | Photo by @sweetlucyspies

For the clean plate club Dad

Someone as sweet as Dad deserves their dessert done right. Sweet Lucy Pies serves up funky flavors and flakey crust + is currently offering a TX Whiskey pecan pie and a blueberry peach pie. Pre-order for Father’s Day-themed deliciousness.

Photo of beer cans

Gift Dad a great beer. Plus, the cans are super cool. | Photo by @martinhousebrewing

For the “man, that’s smooth” Dad

Here’s a toast to all the Fort Worth father figures out there. Take them out to grab a seasonal or special release beer at Martin House Brewing Co. If Dad prefers to enjoy their spirits at home, treat them to a Texas-style Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Lockwood Distilling Co.

Photo of record covers.

When you wish your music taste was as good as Dad’s. | Photo by @docs_records

For the “you don’t have to get me anything” Dad

If the father figure in your life has never been one for extravagant gifts or celebrations, show them you’re thinking about them by picking up a funky vintage record at Doc’s Records & Vintage and pairing it with a hand-crafted card from Byrd + Bleecker. Sometimes a thoughtful word (or newsletter) can be the greatest gift to someone, in our humble opinion.

Photo of man in a ballcap

Swag for the cool dads. | Photo by @sixandmain

For the FTW Dad

Know a dad who represents FTW unlike any other? Give them the ultimate gift of hometown pride with a branded shirt or hat from the Six & Main so they can strut their stuff around town repping their city. How does Dad take their coffee or tea in the morning? Maybe black, maybe with a dash of cream, but definitely in a FTW branded ceramic mug.

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