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Fort Worth vs. Dallas: Why Cowtown is the best city in Texas

It’s something locals are used to — outsiders thinking Fort Worth is Dallas and vice versa. We’re here to clarify the differences between the two major cities and highlight what makes Fort Worth so special.

FTW-Fort Worth vs. Dallas

We’re diving into what sets Fort Worth apart from our neighbor out east. | Photos by @jw_digital_photography + @jelena_petrovic_texas

It’s a hot topic among North Texans — Fort Worth vs. Dallas. Despite the two cities only being about 40 miles apart, and typically thought of as one place by visitors, they each have their own unique quirks.

We can’t deny it, the two cities — Big Brother + Little Brother, if you will — have a lot in common. Their populations are near or around one million, development is booming, the food is delicious, the sports fans are passionate, and the entertainment is endless.

We love our neighbors out east, but we’re not here to talk about them. We’re diving into what makes Cowtown so unique + sets us apart from the other major cities and suburbs in the metro.

We’re talking about fashion, traffic, Western culture, nightlife, arts, sports, and music — the true reason you decided to call Fort Worth home.

For those who know nothing about the DFW metro — i.e. non-Texans, sports fans, tourists, and future homeowners — we want to hear what drew you to Cowtown.

How would you convince people to move to Fort Worth over any other city in North Texas? Take our survey to show off your Cowtown pride.

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