Asked: What are your Fort Worth-specific resolutions for 2024?

With the new year and a season of change, we want to know what our readers and followers want to accomplish or work on in 2024. Make your resolutions with us.


Ring in the new year with these local resolutions around the city.

Photo by The Amon Carter Museum of American Art

New year, new you — sorta. We’ve all been posed with the question of what you want to change or achieve. That’s why here at FTWtoday, we’re treating resolutions a little differently — we want to know, what are your Fort Worth-specific resolutions?

Maybe you’ve lived here your whole life but there are sights you’ve never seen, or you’re still getting used to the area and want to feel more like a local. Big or small, we want to hear them all. To get you started, we’ll go first.

Editor Rebecca’s local resolutions:

  • Get back into hiking by trying out a new trail once a month
  • Cook more meals with local ingredients from a farmer’s market

Editor Kate’s local resolutions:

  • Finally learn to cook more than scrambled eggs and toast
  • Actually swim — my inflatable backyard baby pool isn’t cutting it anymore

Your turn — show us the new you. You might just see them in an upcoming newsletter.

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