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Why is my energy bill so high?

Fort Worthians might be seeing higher-than-expected energy bills — here’s how Energy Ogre can help bring them down.

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“I’ve been using their services for four years or so, and I have had nothing but positive experiences with them — moving in/out, negotiating rates, renewing contracts, helping resolve issues caused by the electric companies, you name it,” says Energy Ogre member Anthony Baragas.

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An expensive energy bill can throw a wrench in your budget. However, taking a closer look at your bill could help keep more money in your pocket. Here are some factors that might be leading to a higher bill:

  • Renewing your current electricity contract doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best rate. In general, a renewal rate is normally higher than the one you previously had, and if you shop around, you could get a better deal elsewhere.
  • You don’t have to wait until the end of a contract to switch electricity providers. If you find a rate that is much better than the one you’re getting or just better fits the way you use electricity now, you can make a switch.
  • Unnecessary late fees can be avoided by making your payments on time.

Ready to pay less for electricity? Energy Ogre can help you choose the best energy plan for you.

They’ll shop around for the best plans that fit your lifestyle and save you money (think: up to 40% annually). Whether you are renting an apartment or living in a house with your family, the savings matter. Here’s a look at what actual folks in Fort Worth saved in their first year as a member:

A table outlining different energy savings for different types of homes in Fort Worth

Chart by Energy Ogre

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