235 apartments coming to the Near Southside

The sale of a city property + grant program will support the development.

Photo of a fenced off property under a highway

The currently-unused city property is bounded by I-30 and W. Vickery Boulevard.

Photo by @FTWtoday

A city grant program will bolster development along I-30. In Tuesday’s city council meeting, the council voted to sell a 0.44-acre lot at 700 W. Vickery Blvd. in the Near Southside for multifamily housing development.

The site — located across from the Justin Boot Outlet — is connected to a five-acre property (800 W. Vickery Blvd.) owned by Vickery Village Development LLC. The developer plans to build a 235-unit apartment complex, a 3,500-sqft restaurant, several townhomes, and a park.

Vickery Village can recoup the money from the $225,000 sale if it meets the city’s requirements:

  • Investing $40 million into the site
  • Spending $6 million of the construction costs with minority and women-owned contractors
  • Completing the project by Dec. 31, 2026

The property also falls within a special taxing district that authorizes $3.3 million for the reimbursement of street and public infrastructure improvements as part of the project.

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