Virtual and augmented reality experiences in Fort Worth, TX

Sandbox VR

Step into a new reality with these out-of-this-world experiences. | Photo provided

Arthur Mitchell Bodner

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Funkytown is about to get funkier with the addition of an augmented reality experience + a new virtual reality concept. Leap into the next dimension with these sci-fi-like experiences opening this weekend in Fort Worth.

🖥️ Virtual reality vs. augmented reality

Before we dive into these new worlds, let’s get a better understanding of what these “realities” are. Augmented reality (AR) adds digital elements to a live view — usually using a camera on a smartphone. Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience that replaces a real-life environment with a simulated one using a headset.

Neighborhood Leap: South Main enters the next dimension in June 2022 from Amphibian Stage on Vimeo.

🎨 Augmented reality art walk

Familiar art in the South Main (SoMa) neighborhood will soon transform into 3D images with the help of local nonprofit theater Amphibian Stage and the Blue Zones Project Fort Worth. The organizations partnered to create a community-led art walk highlighting newly commissioned works of visual art, music, movements + storytelling.

The art comes alive using a free app called Neighborhood Leap and takes guests on a 30-minute journey around the South Main Village to experience the work of 50+ artists, restaurants, and community green spaces. Some of the featured artists include:

The app launches on Sat., June 25 + will be active throughout the summer.

Sandbox VR

A 45-minute experience is $50 per person, with a two-guest minimum. | Photo provided

🎮 Sandbox VR

Step into your own video game at Crockett Row’s new immersive virtual reality experience. Sandbox VR is a 10,000-sqft futuristic space that features movie-quality motion capture technology and six VR experiences. Teams can explore and physically interact with one another while playing the games using full-size “Holodecks”.

Sandbox VR opens Fri., June 24 at 2956 Crockett St. A 45-minute experience is $50 per person, with a two-guest minimum.

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