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New regulations are in place for short-term rentals

City Council approved a registration ordinance for legal short-term rentals in Fort Worth on Tuesday.


A breakdown of the current rules a regulations for short-term rentals. | Photo by FTWtoday

New rules and regulations are in place for short-term rentals that are legally operating in Fort Worth. A new ordinance passed by city council this week requires rental property owners to register with the city and pay a hotel occupancy tax ahead of the Thursday, June 1 deadline.

Note: Short-term rentals (STRs) are defined as guest lodging for a period ranging 1-29 days.

FTW-Short Term Rentals map

Areas highlighted light blue are zoned for legal STRs. | Map by The City of Fort Worth

Where can short-term rentals legally operate?
In Fort Worth, short-term rentals are only allowed in areas zoned for commercial and industrial use. Rentals are not allowed in residential districts.

Owners of STRs that are not properly zoned can request a zoning change or change the property to a legal long-term rental (30+ days) to avoid citations.

The city also outlined new rules including no events or parties on the properties and a registration fee of $150 with a $100 renewal every year.

The city said it will contact short-term rental owners about the next steps for registration.