Explore Fort Worth music genres with Every Noise at Once

See how Spotify classifies the local music scene.

Van Cliburn, Kirk Franklin, Kelly Clarkson, Leon Bridges.

What does your Funkytown discography sound like?

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Every good story needs a soundtrack, and ours is no exception. We could just pick one — but you know we love a deep dive.

Every Noise at Once is Spotify’s algorithmically generated scatter plot of music genres, from “German dark minimal techno” to “neo-trad doom metal” to “classical saxophone quartet,” and literally everything in between.

Here’s where Every Noise sorts some of our favorite local artists, plus national acts from the same genre — perfect for a walk on the Trinity Trail Loop.

The Unlikely Candidates | Fort Worth indie
Spotify recommends:

  • Quaker City Night Hawks | (Listen)
  • The Rocket Summer (Listen)
  • Green River Ordinance (Listen)

Kelly Clarkson | Talent show
Spotify recommends:

Leon Bridges | Modern blues
Spotify recommends:

Van Cliburn | American classical piano
Spotify recommends:

Kirk Franklin | Gospel R&B
Spotify recommends:

How did it do? Explore Every Noise yourself and tell us your pick for FTW’s top genres.

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