Welcome to “Worth Fort”

Explore Cowtown’s backwards alter ego where having fresh breath is of the utmost importance.


Imagine Worth Fort as an AI-generated city.

Image by Craiyon

What if Funkytown was funkier than we thought? What if the sky was Panther City purple or longhorns had wings?

Who doesn’t want to kick off their weekday morning with a little imagination? We certainly do.

So today, we’re diving into the alternate universe of a place we like to call Worth Fort — a typo that turns any sentence into a tongue twister.

Worth Fort is a topsy-turvy place where anything goes — even better, you get to call the shots. All it takes is some random words from our dear readers and a left turn in the space-time continuum.

So put that imagination to work with our fill-in-the-blank word game and chart a course to the City of Worth Fort.

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