Meet Marianna Scott, FTWtoday’s sales executive

We asked Mari to share a little bit about herself and what she loves about Fort Worth.


Marianna Scott — Mari for short — is FTWtoday’s sales executive.

Photo by Josh Scott

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If you read our newsletter every day, you know a little bit about City Editors Rebecca and Kate. But did you know, there is a third member of the FTWtoday team?

Marianna Scott — Mari, for short — serves as our sales executive, helping us connect with sponsored content and paid partnerships. Keep reading to get to know our third musketeer.

Where are you from and what brought you to Fort Worth?

I’m originally from Corona, California (right in between San Diego and Los Angeles). My husband and I lived in D.C. prior to moving to Fort Worth, but when the pandemic hit, we decided to move back to his home in Funkytown.

You can only eat at three Cowtown restaurants for the rest of your life. What are they and what are you ordering?

Buffalo Wings from Nickel City, tacos with pineapple from Coco Shrimp + the Chilean seabass with mole from Don Artemio

What is something that surprised you about the city?

I love how artsy this city is and how supportive the locals are of small businesses.

It’s Saturday in Fort Worth — what are you up to?

I usually go for a walk around the Clearfork trails with my husband and dog, Bowie. We love hitting up the farmers market afterward and grabbing brunch at Press Cafe. From there, we love visiting Morgan Mercantile to check out their Fort Worth gear and ending the day with a glass of natural wine from The Holly.

What annual community event do you look forward to all year long?

Continuing on the artsy trend, I absolutely love attending ArtsGoggle on Magnolia Avenue. Be sure to check it out this year on Saturday, Oct. 21, and support local artists.

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