Does being a Fort Worthian mean we have a different personality than someone from Austin?

There’s a new science out there called geopsychology — see what it says about Cowtown.

A photo of the downtown Fort Worth skyline taken from the Near Southside.

What does your hometown say about your personality? Learn more about geopsychology.

Photo by FTWtoday

Does where we live have any bearing on our personalities? A new line of scientific research called geopsychology says “yes.”

What is it?

ResearchGate defines geopsychology as “the relationship between the complex matrix of static and time-varying geophysical and geochemical variables within a locality and human behavior.”

This is to say, there is a correlation between one’s geophysical space and one’s mind. Living “Where the West Begins” makes our personalities different from people in other areas.

What does it say about us?

Researchers analyzed five traits — conscientiousness, agreeableness, neuroticism openness, and extraversion — and developed a set of personality maps. Fort Worthians:

  • Are slightly more introverted than the “life of the party” Austinites.
  • Tend to be agreeable folks, but not as much as people in the Deep South.
  • Tend to be less conscientious + more spontaneous and flexibile — perhaps it’s our Wild West roots.
  • Are more emotionally stable than people in the Northeast.
  • Fall into a pocket of openness and are willing to try new things.
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