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Second Rodeo Brewing voted best bathroom in Fort Worth, according to our readers

Despite being snubbed by America’s Best Restroom awards, we know the true best bathroom resides in Fort Worth.

FTW-Second Rodeo Brewing

Who doesn’t love the Burt Reynolds Playgirl centerfold? | Photo by Second Rodeo Brewing

Fort Worth was snubbed for this year’s America’s Best Restroom Award. That stinks — but we can roll with it.

We took matters into our own hands and identified three of the finest facilities in Cowtown:

We also asked our readers their thoughts on the top-rated Fort Worth bathrooms. Here’s what you said:
“Artwork at its very finest.” — @fwbeautybarberlounge

“Le Margot was my favorite bathroom.” — @aylintheagent

“Le Margot’s pink bathroom is the best.” —

“Dolly always prevails.” — @truckyardatc

“Second Rodeo, I haven’t been to the others.” — @dimplednaptural

Drum roll, please. With 90 total votes, Second Rodeo Brewing was voted best bathroom in Fort Worth thanks to its sitcom-themed restrooms with artwork from “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” and even a special appearance from Burt Reynolds.

Congratulations, Second Rodeo Brewing. Your bathroom really is the crème de la commode.

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