City leaders approve 12-18 month closure of North University Drive

The city will shut down all six lanes of North University Drive from Jacksboro Highway to Rockwood Park Drive in mid-2026.

FTW-University Drive map closure

This map shows where University Drive will be closed in mid-2026. | Map via the City of Fort Worth

The city plans to temporarily shut down a portion of North University Drive in mid-2026 for 12 to 18 months.

Earlier this week, city leaders approved a resolution allowing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to raise the road between 10 and 15 feet to accommodate the Central City Flood Control Project.

What is the project?

The Central City Flood Control Project — aka the development that will create the 800-acre waterfront district known as Panther Island — addresses the flood risks that are a result of explosive growth in the city.

The project is located along the West Fork and Clear Fork of the Trinity River and consists of a bypass channel, levee system, and other improvements to divert flood flows around a segment of the existing floodway system.


The full project includes both the Central City Flood Control infrastructure plan (left) and the Panther Island mixed-use development district (right).

Maps courtesy of TRWD

Where will this take place?

USACE asked the city to shut down all six lanes of North University Drive from Jacksboro Highway to Rockwood Park Drive beginning in 2026.

To avoid major congestion on other area roads — city leaders are considering building a detour between Rockwood Park Drive and Rockwood Lane.

FTW-Flood map

The 100-year flood plain is highlighted in blue on the map. | Map via TRWD

What will the construction consist of?

Crews will raise the road 10-15 feet out of a 100-year flood plain, creating more storage for floodwaters and protecting areas prone to flooding downtown.

According to the Tarrant Regional Water District, floodwater storage is critical for immediate flood relief. So far, the USACE has completed four floodwater storage construction sites, totaling more than $32 million in contracts.

The design and construction will be completed by USACE, which is the primary entity leading the design and construction of the Central City Flood Control Project. The USACE expects to award the design contract to an outside consultant for University Drive in about two to three months.


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