Answered: How you’d like to see carbon reduced

We recently asked how you would like to see Carbon Reduction Program funding used. Here’s what you said.

DFW High-Speed Rail Train

The majority of respondents would like to see funding go towards public transportation.

Photo provided by the North Central Texas Council of Governments

Recently, we shared info on the Carbon Reduction Program, a distribution of $6.4 billion in formula funding over five years in an effort to reduce transportation emissions across the US.

We also asked how you’d like to see funding from the program spent in our urbanized area, should we receive program money again.

Here’s a breakdown of what our small sample of respondents said:

  • 76% | Public transportation
  • 59% | Pedestrian-friendly roads and facilities
  • 24% | Fuel alternatives
  • 47% | Traffic management/road diet projects
  • 47% | Bike infrastructure

Two respondents mentioned other projects that they’d be eager to see:

  • “Train to/from Austin!”
  • “Encourage [Fort Worth] offices to offer remote work for employees. During COVID all of the traffic issues were solved!”

FY2024 funding announcements are expected in January or February.