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10 busiest streets in Fort Worth

Time to pick a new route for your daily commute.


Traffic isn’t all that bad when the sky look like this.

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Sometimes, the words “rush hour traffic” can bring out the Wild West in even the calmest Fort Worthian. And doesn’t it seem like your street is always the busiest street in the city? Well, we’re here to settle the debate.

Using data provided by the Texas Department of Transportation’s TPP District Traffic Web Viewer, we calculated which major thoroughfares (and sections of those roadways) in Fort Worth see the most cars on a daily basis.

TxDoT measures Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) or the total volume of vehicle traffic on a highway or road for a year divided by 365 days.

Use this guide to see where (or where not) to hit the road, Jack.


The map displays TxDOT TPP Statewide Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) through year 2021.

Map courtesy of TxDoT


  • From East Loop 820 S. to Little Road | AADT: 221,132
  • From I-35W to East Loop 820 S. | AADT: 193,200
  • From McCart Avenue to Granbury Road | AADT: 166,567


  • From I-30 to East Berry Street | AADT: 190,342
  • From NE Loop 820 to Western Center Boulevard | AADT: 184,237
  • From East Berry Street to 287 | AADT: 180,257
  • From Texas Highway 121 to NE 28 Street | AADT: 165,889


  • From I-35W to Forest Park Boulevard | AADT: 166,754
  • From I-35W to Beach Street | AADT: 151,199
  • From East Loop 820 to Cooks Lane | AADT: 141,259

If you haven’t picked up on it, the most congested areas are around the perimeter of the city on highways and interstates that help Fort Worthians get to and from other towns. That goes to show how many people are commuting daily.
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