Who was Bass Reeves?

The history behind Taylor Sheridan’s newest series.


Bass Reeves

Phot courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Yesterday, we reported that Taylor Sheridan — Paschal high graduate and creator of “Yellowstone” and “1883" — has a new show, “Bass Reeves” set to film in Fort Worth this month.

But just who was Bass Reeves?

Born in 1838, Bass Reeves was a former slave who became the first Black US Deputy Marshal west of the Mississippi River in 1875. He rode the Oklahoma territory and Texas in search of outlaws.

Said to be one of the most honest and upstanding lawmen in the Wild West, legend has it that he killed 14 outlaws and apprehended 3,000+ criminals, including his own son.

Known to have ridden a large white stallion with a Colt pistol in each hand, Reeves is believed to be the inspiration for the Lone Ranger.

Reeves is set to be played by British actor David Oyelowo in the new show on Paramount+. The Fort Worth Film Commission is looking to fill crew positions for the six-part series. Email your resume to apply.

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