A look inside the newest exhibit at the Fort Worth Zoo

The Fort Worth Zoo opened its new exhibit Predators of Asia & Africa last week with renovated habitats and new animals like the clouded leopards.

FTW-Predators of Asia and Africa

For the first time ever, the Fort Worth Zoo has clouded leopards. | Photo provided by the Fort Worth Zoo

The big cats have returned home to the Fort Worth Zoo.

The long-awaited Predators of Asia & Africa exhibit opened last week giving fans the chance to see lions and tigers for the first time since 2020. The new habitats include special features like waterfalls, pools, and better viewing areas for guests.

Along with the king of the jungle, Predators of Asia & Africa is home to skillful hunters including hyenas, African leopards, African painted dogs — and for the first time in its 114-year history — clouded leopards.

By the numbers:

  • 300 claws
  • 596 teeth
  • 3 sets of siblings
  • 8 coat patterns
  • 75 plant species
  • 103 new trees
  • 4,701 total miles traveled

The exhibit is the third phase of A Wilder Vision — a $130 million campaign aimed at renovating habitats, animal interactions, and improving conservation efforts.

The final phase of the project is Forests & Jungles of the World and will feature animals native to some of the world’s lushest forests and jungles like jaguars, Sumatran orangutans, and okapi. It’s expected to open in 2025.

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