Where to play pickleball in Fort Worth, TX

Sport, food, and drink abound at Courtside Kitchen | Photo provided

If you haven’t been to Courtside Kitchen yet — Fort Worth’s first pickleball restaurant — we’ve got answers to your most dire questions. Grab your ball and paddle, throw back that pickleback shot, and get readin’ on our city’s pickleball scene

WTF is pickleball?

If badminton and table tennis had a baby, it would be pickleball. Pickleball is a paddle ball sport played on a court, and actually, it’s been around since 1965. It was created one summer day when the Pritchard family wanted to play badminton, but only had a wiffle ball. There’s even a US Pickleball National Championship, among other national competitions. 

The rules of the game are quite simple to understand, but we thought we’d leave it to the Youtube professionals

We’re drooling over these enchiladas | Photo provided

How does Courtside Kitchen work?

The most important thing to know is you don’t have to play pickleball to eat at Courtside Kitchen — though we’d recommend you take the brand-new facilities for a spin. For dining, there’s an indoor restaurant and outdoor beer garden. Grab entrees like fish and chips, hot chicken sandwiches, and chile relleno, or small bites like ranchero fries and fried pickles (ahem). Courtside Kitchen is also quite kid-friendly

To play pickleball, reserve a court (the facility recommends downloading its app for ease). If you’re brand new to the sport and shakin’ in your boots, sign up for Courtside’s classes — there’s options for private lessons or lessons with a small group too.

Our recommendation: Reserve a court with family + friends, play some pickleball, and treat yourselves to Courtside’s food and drinks afterward. 

Where else can we play pickleball?

Check the community center nearest you — there’s several open pickleball sessions around Fort Worth. Outside the city, there’s a restaurant + pickleball combo Chicken N Pickle in Grand Prairie and coming soon to Grapevine.