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✈️ Traveling is plane and simple
Fly me to the moon with TSA PreCheck. | Photo by @dfwairport
Traveling via plane is fun — jet-setting over beautiful blue waters or rolling hills, taking in cloud formations, and landing in a completely different location in a matter of hours is unlike anything else. The whole navigating the airport part? Less exciting, and sometimes pretty stressful.

To help make your time at DFW International Airport as smooth as possible, we’ve created a guide that covers everything from terminals and parking to details for the second busiest airport in the world — serving 73 million customers every year.

What to know

  • TSA | According to DFW Airport, it takes ~10 minutes to get through security during off-peak hours and 30+ minutes during peak hours. Track the real-time lines.
  • Map it out | If you’re like us and need to completely visualize a place before you step foot inside, this interactive map of the entire airport will be your saving grace.
  • Food and drink | Check out our easy guide for where to eat, broken down by terminal.
  • Reminder | By May 7, 2025, you will need a REAL ID to board commercial flights in the US.
  • Flight status | While we recommend staying updated via your respective airline, you can also check the airport’s dashboard for your flight status in a pinch.

Swing by Terminal C to see the new gates with lifesize tree sculptures.


Photo by DFW Airport

Airport updates

Last spring, four new gates named the High C — spanning from C36-C39 — were added to the southern end of the terminal.

In a 10-year deal with American Airlines, DFW Airport will add 24 new gates to prepare for future growth and innovation. The Use and Lease agreement includes $4.8 billion in pre-approved capital investments including the construction of a sixth terminal, renovations, and gate expansions.

In the agreement, the airport will invest $2.7 billion for the expansion of the Central Terminal Area — including a “major reimagining” of Terminal C.

New plans will use $1.6 billion to build Terminal F south of Terminal D with a 15-gate concourse, for now. Construction on Phase One is expected to start late next year and wrap up by 2026.
How early do you get to the airport before a flight?

A. Play it safe: 2+ hours
B. 1.5 hours is plenty
C. 1 hour is just right
D. Live dangerously: half an hour or less

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