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Try This: The service that will help you choose the best energy plan (and save you money)

Energy Ogre can help save you money on your electricity bill by shopping around for the best plans that fit your lifestyle.

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FTW-Energy Ogre

Energy Ogre can help save you up to 40% on your electric bill by comparing costs from energy providers.

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The blistering triple-digit heat is beating down on North Texans this summer, and now many are getting burned by high electricity bills. This year’s heat waves are making us sweat in more ways than one. Hello, blasting ACs and high energy bills.

Ready to pay less for electricity? Energy Ogre can help choose the best energy plan for you.

What we tried:

Texas’ competitive electricity market means choosing a different plan could save you money. Energy Ogre is a consumer advocate in this space taking advantage of the market to actively monitor thousands of offers and match them to a consumer’s electricity usage. This results in maximum savings, while also taking the hassle out of dealing with an energy provider.

We recently tried out the service to see how much we could save with an Energy Ogre membership. Keep reading to see how much we saved + how you can Try This.

What not to miss:

FTW-Energy Ogre Calculator

The savings calculator will show you how much money you could be saving before you even sign up.

Screenshot by FTWtoday

To get an idea of how much you could save, Energy Ogre offers a savings calculator. Simply plug in some information (think: address, watt usage, and current monthly payment) into the free savings calculator. It will tell you how much you can save and even if you can’t save anything (read: in some cases, your current plan might be competitive with what’s on the market).

We found out that for a Fort Worthian with a total usage (kWh) of 1025 per month and a monthly bill of $215, Energy Ogre could save them ~$650 over the next year.

A graphic outlining energy savings

Energy Ogre’s mascot Max can help you save money so you have more room in your budget for drinks at Ático Fort Worth.

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If you like what you see, join for $10, and Energy Ogre will take care of the rest. Pro tip: It takes one minute to run the saving calculator, five minutes to complete the signup process, and three to five business days for Energy Ogre to enroll you in a plan.

(Note: Energy Ogre is not an energy provider, and the company doesn’t get paid by any energy provider for preferential treatment. Its job is simply to find the best deal for the end consumer.)

What we’re still talking about:

FTW-Energy Ogre app graphic

Download the free Energy Ogre app to check your savings or to make changes on the go.

Graphic by FTWtoday

For those who are constantly on the go, the Energy Ogre app (available via Google Play and Apple Store) allows you to easily view your account, contracts, monthly usage, and payment history all from your smartphone.

How you can experience this:


Don’t sweat it — Energy Ogre will find the best plan for you so can keep the AC blowing.

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FTWtoday readers can take advantage of 15% off with the code FTWTODAY1 to save on a one-year subscription. See how much Energy Ogre can save you.

Things to know if you go:

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