TikTok sensation Keith Lee is bringing his food tour to North Texas

The internet sensation is asking DFW locals to recommend their favorite restaurants for him to try when he stops by North Texas on his food tour.

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Keith Lee is looking for recommendations from locals in DFW. | | Screenshot via @keith_lee125

TikToker Keith Lee is coming to North Texas on the next stop of his food tour. The internet sensation rose to fame as a featherweight MMA fighter-turned-food critic with more than 15 million TikTok followers.

Over the past several months, Lee has been on a food tour around the country reviewing small mom-and-pop restaurants where he buys his own food, tries not to be recognized, and films his reviews in his car.

Despite not being a professional food critic, Lee’s videos are known to leave a major impact on local businesses with millions of views, calling his reviews “the Keith Lee effect.”

The restaurant stops will be split into three categories:

  1. Good food and customer service, but needs more marketing
  2. Popular local spots voted on by DFW locals
  3. Restaurants with diverse backgrounds

Comment on Lee’s TikTok video and tell him why he should check your suggestion. Look out for polls on Lee’s Instagram stories to vote on which popular local restaurants he should try.


Food Tour Improvements & Annoucement 💕 Dallas Tx we’ll see you soon 💕#foodcritic

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