Start your day with a green tea from these 10 local spots

Cutting back on coffee? We’ve got you covered with energizing green tea from these local shops and cafes.

Photo of a girl holding a matcha latter in a green sweater.

Don’t be afraid to matcha your beverage.

We love starting the new year with little changes that help us feel our best — such as cutting back on caffeinated beverages like coffee. But sometimes, we still need a pick-me-up to help us get through our day.

Swapping your morning cup of joe for a steaming green tea or matcha can give you the energy boost you need without the jitters — with just 29 mg of caffeine per cup versus the 96 mg in coffee.

Sip around at these 10 local shops and cafes:

Leaves Book and Tea Shop | Magnolia
Located inside Stir Crazy Baked Goods, the tea shop sells 10+ kinds of green tea including strawberry sencha, citrus jasmine, and dragonwell.

Gong Cha Fort Worth | Sterling Creek
The boba tea shop serves milk teas, slushies, and coffee drinks. Try a green tea with passionfruit or peach.

Cherry Coffee Shop | Magnolia
Missing the holidays already? Grab a horchatcha heels — with homemade horchata, sweet matcha, and cinnamon — before they’re gone.

Ampersand | West 7th
The coffee shop-slash-night club serves an assortment of teas. Try an iced strawberry fields matcha.

Fort Worth Coffee Co. | Camp Bowie
Choose from a loose-leaf tea or a matcha latte. Plus, ask about seasonal offerings.


Sip, sip, hooray for healthy and delicious beverage choices at Vaquero Coffee Co.

Vaquero Coffee Co. | Downtown
Order an iced matcha or spicy Mexican hot chocolate on your way to work.

P’tit Tea Maison | West 7th
Stop by the pink tea shop for a green Thai milk tea or a drink with matcha fondue.

Pax & Beneficia | Downtown
Try something new with a mint-matcha cream soda with peppermint cold foam.

HTeaO | Multiple locations
Sip back to your Texas roots with a tall glass of iced green tea in various flavors including unsweetened, sweet almond, or sweet blueberry.

Black Coffee | Eastside
Pair your tea latte with a gluten-free apple cider donut.

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