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How to reach your 2024 savings goals

United Texas Credit Union privately insures all deposit accounts up to $250,000 — with no limit on the number of accounts.

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United Texas Credit Union’s mission is to improve members’ financial well-being by carefully guiding them to financial security + freedom.

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If saving money is on your mind this year (and let’s face it, we could all use a bit more cushion in our emergency funds), this one’s for you. We’re exploring the benefits of share certificates with help from the experts at United Texas Credit Union.

Share certificates are a type of credit union savings account that typically offer higher yields compared to regular savings accounts. Read: They allow your money to grow faster while it sits in your account, thanks to the higher interest rate (aka an APY or annual percentage yield).

The trade-off? Your money will need to stay in the share certificate account for a specific amount of time (think: six months to 60 months), with longer terms typically offering better rates. If you withdraw your money too early, you could be charged a penalty.

Here’s the good news: United Texas Credit Union is currently offering some of its highest deposit rates in years, with both personal and business accounts eligible for the same rates.

Ready to start saving, Fort Worth? Call United Texas Credit Union or stop by the Polaris Branch or Golden Triangle Branch. You can start saving for as little as $500. Make money moves.

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