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Best drinks in Fort Worth: Drink Up Week is coming

Drink up graphic

Sip Sip Hooray! | Graphic by @FTWtoday

If you can sip it, we want to celebrate it. Our mission at FTWtoday is to keep our readers connected to what is happening in our city, celebrate local makers and creators, and invite everyone to join the conversation.

It was with that in mind that we created Drink Up Week a local celebration of the beverage-makers in our community from July 25-31, 2022. (Think Restaurant Week, but for drinks.) Coffee, tea, smoothies, kombucha, seltzer, wine, beer, liquor, those crazy milkshakes with the slice of cake as a garnish — if you can drink it, it’s part of Drink Up Week.

So — how can you get involved? We thought you’d never ask.

If you own, run, or work for a beverage company, bar, restaurant, or purveyor of delicious beverages in Fort Worth, we cordially invite you to:

  • Create a cocktail
  • Name a latte
  • Release a special
  • Host a Drink Up Week night at your establishment

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, just tell us the plan. We will then work to include it in our FTWtoday newsletter leading up to (and during) Drink Up Week. It’s that simple.

If you enjoy fine, local beverages, we also invite you to join us in the celebration:

  • Send us suggestions for local establishments worth highlighting
  • Share a fun tidbit that most people might not know about our city’s beverage history
  • Point us in the direction of the hidden gems on your list

And then block out your mornings, noons, and nights July 25-31, because we aim to clink a cup, a mug, a glass, and maybe even a pint with you as we share stories, fun facts, events, and gathering opportunities throughout the week.

Thinking this sounds like a great place to showcase your brand? We have special partnership packages available priced for all levels. Reach out to for more information.Now get ready to raise a glass and join us for this libation celebration. Cheers, Fort Worth.

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