The Fort Worth Zoo welcomes baby giraffe to its herd

The zoo has been busy celebrating birthdays over the last few months with the birthday of a new lion cub in October and a giraffe calf on January 1.

FTW-Baby giraffe sitting on hay at the Fort Worth Zoo

Korbel was born at the zoo on January 1, 2024. | Photo by Fort Worth Zoo

Oh, baby — the Fort Worth Zoo is celebrating the birth of another baby animal.

On January 1, the zoo welcomed Korbel — named after the bubbly California bottle — to its giraffe herd. Born to mom Corrie, the no-so-little guy stretches 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weighs 165 pounds.

In an online post, the zoo said it’s too cold for Korbel to be outside, so he’s staying warm in the barn for now while he meets other herd members. The zoo said he is particularly fond of grapevine wreaths and a hanging mirror, where he catches glimpses of himself.

FTW-Fort Worth Zoo

Moja is spending time behind the scenes with his mom. | Photo by Fort Worth Zoo

Zoo staff have been busy celebrating birthdays — just last week it announced the birth of a new lion cub Moja. He was born on October 20, 2023, and is still being closely watched by his keepers.

We’ll keep you updated when these little guys make their public debut.

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