How to make the most of the tax-free weekend

Get a bang for your buck while shopping for back-to-school items this tax-free weekend. The sales tax holiday includes tax exemption on footwear, school supplies, and clothing.


Peruse all the offerings in University Park Village.

Photo by FTWtoday

Today marks the beginning of the highly awaited Texas Sales Tax Holiday — aka the best time for back-to-school shopping.

The annual summer tax-free holiday runs through Sunday, Aug. 13, and is geared toward items under $100. Here’s what qualifies for tax exemption:

School supplies
Binders, book bags, calculators, composition books, crayons, erasers, glue, highlighters, and rulers, among other things. | Shop local stationery stores

Jackets, dresses, baby clothes, hunting and fishing vests, golf uniforms, and workout clothes. Note: Helmets and sports apparel are not included. | Shop local boutiques

Boat shoes, cowboy boots, hiking boots, dress shoes, sandals, sneakers. Note: Sports gear like dance shoes and cleats are not included. | Shop local for sneakers + boots

Accessories | Rain hats, winter hats, leather gloves, belts, and face masks. Note: Jewelry and purses are not included.

Last-minute pro tips:

  • Coupons can still be used during the tax-free weekend.
  • The discount will be applied for online shopping as long as the shipping address is in Texas.
  • Check the complete list of tax-free items in advance.