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What is the future of remote work in Fort Worth?

A shakeup is afoot in Cowtown.

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an interior shot of a coworking space

The future of work awaits.

Photo by Ensemble Coworking

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What does “going to work” look like in 2023?

Thanks to the rise of remote and hybrid workers, the work landscape has recently undergone its biggest shakeup in years — and Fort Worth is no exception.

Remote and hybrid workers have received the most attention, but the rise of the gig economy has also contributed to this shakeup. Between 2021 and 2022, the number of freelancers in the US increased by nearly 20%.

Aside from the new professional opportunities that remote, hybrid, and freelance positions can bring, the gig economy is also bringing about another big change: saying goodbye to centralized offices, and hello to coworking spaces.

Coworking in Fort Worth

One such space that stands out here in Fort Worth is Ensemble Coworking. This flexible, cost-effective solution is great for those who want a place to work outside of home or local coffee shops —without the constraints of a traditional office rental.

“Ensemble goes beyond providing a physical space to rent,” says Founder and CEO, Tamara Payne. “The reality is that while remote and gig work is wonderful in many ways, it can also bring feelings of isolation, too. We help meet that need by providing a social atmosphere and opportunities for professional growth via workshops, networking, and our amazing mentorship program.”

To meet (and exceed) the needs of their community and the changing face of “work,” Ensemble provides three unique benefits to its members:

  1. Dynamic, flexible workspaces, including dedicated workspaces, meeting rooms, private offices + shared desks
  2. An active, fun, and inviting culture
  3. A suite of must-have resources and amenities (think: a virtual mailbox powered by digital tools, printing and mail handling services + more)

Experience the transformative power of Ensemble Coworking for yourself in the Near Southside of Fort Worth. Envision your (new) work life.

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