Songs about Fort Worth

Black and white photo of Fort Worth street.

Crack up the tunes while driving around downtown. | Photo by @highlydecentphotography

Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind? It certainly crosses ours — especially when we’re cruisin’ down I-30 listening to The King of Country. So we thought we’d gather up some of our favorite Funkytown tunes + invite y’all to do the same.

In this collaborative playlist, you can add your own go-to tracks and we’ll turn up the volume. Here are a few to get us started:

🎵 “Dallas Days and Fort Worth Nights” by Chris LeDoux

🎵 “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind” by George Strait

🎵 “Fort Worth Blues” by Guy Clark

🎵 “Ft. Worth Was a Fabulous Waste of Time” by the Stryker Brothers

🎵 “She Came From Fort Worth” by Kathy Mattea

🎵 “Texas Sun” by Leon Bridges

Now we’re passing the aux cord over to you. Create a free Spotify account (if you don’t already have one), open the collaborative playlist, add it to your library, and be the DJ. Add songs that make you think of Cowtown — whether that’s the city in general, songs by local artists, or a great memory you have here. Note: some songs may contain explicit language.

Don’t have Spotify? Feel free to send us your recommendations + we’ll add them for you.

Once you’ve added your faves, enjoy this little musical piece of Fort Worth when you hit the road, hang out downtown, or jog the city’s trails.

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