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Drift Bridge

Designed to look like a boat from underneath + a tree branch from overhead | Photo via @alkanoglu

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There’s no shortage of breathtaking art + architecture in Fort Worth and some artists are proving how the two can live harmoniously — while providing benefits to the community. A perfect example of this is in the South Hills neighborhood, where the concept of a “plug and play” bridge offers a solution to a long-standing problem.


Commissioned by the City of Fort Worth’s Public Art Program, artist Volkan Alkanoglu conceptualized Drift in response to calls for a pedestrian bridge connecting the Westcreek Drive walking path and Trinity Trails (via Kellis Park, Foster Park + Overton Park) — an area where there was no clear crossing for seven blocks.

Drift Bridge

The bridge was designed to create a place for people to gather | Photo via @alkanoglu

Depending on the season, the Noah’s Ark-like structure shifts from a container for flowing water to a dry basin filled with driftwood and falling leaves. The central design principles include:

  • Using sustainable materials ♻️
  • Minimizing the impact on the natural environment 👣
  • Reducing project costs through innovative design 💰
  • Creating a community-driven art display 🖼️

The fabrication of the bridge happened off-site and was put in place using a crane, consequently reducing installation time and disruptions to the site. The pathway, railings, and benches have been incorporated into the build — for seating, support + to make Drift a place for gathering.

Drift Bridge

The bridge is designed to be picked up and moved when needed | Photo via @alkanoglu

The next mission

As the community continues to benefit from Drift, the city is looking for more artists to create public art projects like this one. Possible artwork opportunities include:

🌳 Parks

📚 Libraries

🚒 Fire stations

🏢 Community centers

Artists will be selected based on their artistic merit of past work, their willingness to work collaboratively with other professionals + accept input from the community.

Artists can apply for the 2022 Pre-Qualified Artist List through February 11.

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