Ride in style: Trinity Metro awards contract for new bus stop designs

Learn more about Trinity Metro’s pilot program to revamp all 1,714 bus stops and shelters around Fort Worth.


The bus stop prototypes have options with and without walls.

Photo courtesy of Trinity Metro

Have you seen some rundown bus stops and shelters around town? Trinity Metro is working to fix that with new prototypes designed for rider comfort and convenience.

Over the next few years, Trinity Metro hopes to replace all 1,714 bus stops around the city for approximately $20 million. Earlier this week, Trinity Metro awarded a three-year contract to Tolar Manufacturing Company to start producing the first batch. With the help of San Antonio-based L.A.W. Contracting, Trinity Metro aims to have the first 40 shelters installed by the organization’s 40th birthday in November.

Four new prototypes have already been installed along Hemphill Street, which is served by Route 1, from West Allen Avenue to West Vickery Boulevard. The new designs range from $9,000 to $13,000 and feature:

  • A shade structure
  • Upgraded LED lighting
  • Improved seating
  • Larger waste receptacles
  • Glass walls for shelter and visibility
  • Bus sign poles with solar lights

The new display tells riders when the next bus is set to arrive.

Photo by FTWtoday

Select bus stops also have a real-time bus tracking and customer information displays that show when the bus will arrive and notifies riders of any active alerts or notices.

Trinity Metro is also working with the city to ensure that the stops’ concrete pads are ADA-accessible.

In July, Trinity Metro ran a feedback survey, garnering 150+ responses from riders about the prototypes. Over 91% of respondents noted that the new designs made them feel safer while waiting for the bus.