Weather report: Summer recap and fall predictions for Fort Worth, TX

See how many 100-degree days we had this summer.


Despite the heat, Fort Worth is still beautiful.

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Today is the autumnal equinox — the first day of fall when the sun is directly over the Equator and day and night are approximately the same length of time. While the weather may not feel quite like fall, we’re cruising toward October. Let’s take a look back at this summer in Fort Worth.

☀️ Searing sun stats

We asked y’all how many 100-degree days you thought we’d have this summer. Twenty-seven readers answered our survey, guessing anywhere from 11-77 days. So far this year, we’ve had 47 days at or above 100 degrees + 21 of those were consecutive from Sat., July 16-Fri., Aug. 5.

It was a scorching summer of extreme heat advisories and drought conditions with only 10.4 inches of rainfall from the beginning of the year until Mon., Aug. 1 — compared to the usual 22+ inches.

💧 Rain for days

But that all changed last month with record-setting rains. On Mon., Aug. 22, 9.19 inches of rain fell at DFW Airport — the second highest 24-hour precipitation total in North Texas, only after a 9.57-inch rainfall on Sept. 5, 1932.

Torrential downpours and uncontrolled flood waters led to state, county, and local flood disaster declarations that access federal assistance for relief and repair work.

🍁 Looking forward to fall

The late summer rains led to cooler weatherduring which Fort Worthians may or may not have gotten overzealous with the scented candles and fall decorations — averaging 80 degrees for the first half of September.

The Farmers’ Alamanc has predicted a warmer and drier fall to be followed by a colder than normal winter with snowstorms early next year.

The temps have tipped back up into the 90s this week, but that shouldn’t keep you from enjoying all of the wonderful autumn events around town. Don’t miss out on:

What are you looking forward to the most this fall? Tell us.

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