What is splooting and why are squirrels in Fort Worth doing it?

It’s been a painfully hot summer as temperatures consistently hover around 100 degrees — and it’s not just humans struggling to beat the heat. Every afternoon the FTWtoday team likes to take a walk, but we’ve been noticing something strange — squirrels sprawled out on their stomachs with their legs stretched behind them.

If you’ve been curious about the behavior, we’re here to shine some light on what they’re doing. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, the position is called “splooting” and it helps mammals lower their body temperature by getting as much of their body on a cooler surface as possible.

Next time you go for a walk, look out for the little critters on the ground, trees, and even roofs — but be sure to maintain your distance. If you see any squirrels splooting in your neighborhood, send us a picture — we might just share it with our readers.

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